Chakali Atta Mix

Packaging :500gm

Chakali is a traditional Maharashtrian snack that is mostly consumed during Diwali in India. This highly popular crunchy snack has always been a challenging recipe that only handful grandmothers had mastered. Gone are the days of week long hard work of soaking, drying and roasting various dals and keeping your fingers crossed for Chakali to get just the right crispiness. With Niti's Chakali Atta you can relish on Chakalis that your grandma used to make literally within a few minutes.

Papad Atta Mix

Packaging : 1kg

Papad Atta Mix is used in many Indian households to make Papad the way they have traditionally enjoyed. Niti's Papad Atta Mix is the right combination of Udad dal, choicest Papad khar and black pepper.